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Felipe Callado Photography

Orlando, FL

Felipe Callado Photography

Felipe Callado is an Orlando, FL based photographer and videographer specializing in wedding, family, and couple sessions. Felipe has been offering Orlando his photography services and has primarily been meeting his clients through Instagram and Facebook.

The Objectives

  • Minimalism

    Felipe wanted a very minimalistic layout so that his pictures took center stage.

  • Color

    Soft and inviting color scheme to attract his target demographic.

  • SEO

    Wanted to effectively drive traffic to the website.


The logo takes center stage in the header fitting in with a soft and inviting nav menu, which piques the interest of anyone interested in Felipe’s services.
A very simple footer is contrasted with Felipe’s instagram feed where he posts almost daily content for his followers.
The nav menu is expanded throughout the homepage, which gives the user catchy copy to draw them in further. A short glimpse of his portfolio is can be seen splitting this expanded view.
The about me section gives the user a ton of information about Felipe including a short bio, an faq, and his pricing.
The contact form blends seamlessly with the website theme and it provies Felipe with all the information needed to effectively communicate with the potential client, as well as keeping it light for the user to fill out.
SEO details coming soon…


Coming soon…
Data coming soon…
Ronin managed to capture our brand and translate it effortlessly into our website and has given me new motivation!


Felipe Callado Photography

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